12 Things You May Not Know about Disneyland!

How many of these items did you already know about Disneyland?!

  1.  King Arthur Carousel. The lead horse on the carousel is named Jingles. Walt Disney wanted all horses on the carousel and he wanted all of them to be leaping.
  2. Main Street, USA. It’s an amalgam of several small towns where Walt Disney grew up.
  3. Mark Twain Riverboat. It was built at the Todd shipyards in San Pedro, but the body was built on a sound stage at the Walt Disney Studios.
  4. The Haunted Mansion. It was originally conceived to look spooky on the outside, but Walt didn’t want anything shabby in his park.
  5. Tarzan’s Treehouse. There are 300,000 plastic leaved all added by hand.
  6. Animatronic birds. This began when Walt saw a mechanical singing bird in a shop on vacation.
  7. First dark rides. Fantasyland had the park’s first dark rides-Peter Pan and MR. Toad.
  8. Creating Fantasmic. Engineers had to drain the Rivers of American to install the equipment needed to operate.
  9. First FastPass. It was for “It’s A Small World” attraction.
  10. Splash Mountain. it opened in 1989 with animatronic characters recycled from the America Sings attraction.
  11. First cartoon. “Steamboat Willie” the Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1928.
  12. Club 33. The only private club in Disneyland.

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