Good old fashion fun!

I was so happy to see this.  This is a hard photo to really see but I turned my phone camera around which sits on my dashboard so I can take this photo.  I was really happy to see a bunch of kids riding their bikes and having a great time together.  There must have been close to about 8 young boys just riding their bicycles through the industrial area around Bayshore Blvd in San Francisco.  It isn’t something I see much anymore.  As a kid I used to ride my bike with my friends all over our neighborhood.  We would ride our bikes to the mall and to eachother’s houses.  It was a time when there were no cell phones, no computers, and about 7-10 channels on the tv.  These kids could have been playing video games or just glued to their electronics but for this moment they were a little bike crew having fun riding through the city and maybe trying to get home before the street lights came on.  One of the boys in the distance was popping  a wheely too!  It reminded me of my good ole days.  Thanks boys!  I hope you guys will look back on this day in your lives as your good ole days too!




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