Ask The Vet

WHAT: videolol.info & Fuzzy “Ask The Vet”

WHERE: videolol.info Facebook LIVE: CLICK HERE

WHEN: Thursday, June 14th 11:00am PST

videolol.info’s Nick & Kristen have teamed up with Fuzzy veterinarian Dr. Jessica Trimble to answer your pet questions live on Facebook. We encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time [email protected], then watch for your question(s) to be answered on the videolol.info Facebook Page June 14th 11:00am.

Dr. Jessica Trimble is a veterinarian who appreciates the intricacies of pet health care. Her clients appreciate her ability to distill the complex into something that’s friendly and understandable. She’s a bookworm and a lover of California redwoods and San Francisco fuzzies.

Hosted by Nick & Kristen

Dr. Jessica Trimble

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