Baileys & Brownies!


1 Boxed Fudge Brownie Mix 9×13 size



3/4 cup unsalted butter , softened

1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream

3 cups powdered sugar



3/4 cup semi-sweet ghirardelli chocolate chips

2 tablespoons heavy cream

1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream




Prepare brownies according to package directions. Cool completely.


Beat butter on medium speed until fluffy. Add Baileys and mix well.

Add powdered sugar a little at a time until completely incorporated. Beat until soft and fluffy.

Spread over brownies and refrigerate while making the ganache.


Combine Baileys and heavy cream over medium high heat in a sauce pan.

Bring just to a boil and immediately pour over chocolate chips. Let sit 5 minutes without stirring.

Whisk until smooth and spread over frosted brownies. Let sit at room temperature about 30 minutes. Refrigerate until set.

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