The best delayed flight ever! We were a bunch of strangers of all ethnicities sitting in the back of the plane having fun!

The and Bonneville crew had such an amazing time at PIXAR FEST this week.  Disney always takes great care of us and our winners.  We were all sad to leave.  We got picked up at The Grand California Hotel and Spa at 9am and were taken to the Santa Ana Airport.  Our flight was set to leave at 11:55 and we arrived at the airport about 9:30.  At about 10:45 we were informed that the flight was going to be delayed because SFO was fogged in!!!  (Good ‘ole Karl the fog strikes again!!)  The flight was now going to leave about 12:40.  It wasn’t too much of a delay so we were okay with it.  We finally board again, buckle our seat belts, the flight attendants go through emergency procedures and then the captain gets on the PA system and alerts us that SFO called and said that we need to leave Santa Ana at 2:15.  The entire plane sighs in disappointment and we are instructed to de-board the plane.  We gather all of our belongings and head back to the gate from the airplane.

By this time we had been at the airport for about 3 hours and was hoping the visibility back in San Francisco would get better.  We waited patiently and soon heard the gate agent say we would begin boarding again.  Once we were all on the plane all of us in the last 4 rows were talking about how we really hope were were leaving this time.  We started joking around and laughing and actually having fun.  A co-worker Alex said jokingly to everyone, “Hey, we should all put our hands up and cheer when we are actually in the air!!!”  Everyone started laughing and said, “YAH!”  We have video of our take off and we were cheering as if the Golden State Warriors just won the NBA Finals! lol!  It was just funny and we were all happy to be in the air finally and to be on our way home.

During the flight I realized I didn’t have my glasses and everyone in the back 4 rows tried to help me look for it.  I got on the floor and searched by people’s feet and still couldn’t find it.  Once we landed at SFO I told everyone that this flight had to be THE BEST FLIGHT I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!!  The kind lady to my left said it will the best flight you have ever taken once we find your glasses!  I said, “WOW! Thank you!”  She unbuckled her seat when the seatbelt sign went off and got on the floor with me to find my glasses.  Then the next thing I know Jason, our flight attendant, got on the floor too and was looking.  HE FOUND THEM and the entire back of the plane cheered because I could see and also cheered on Jason for finding them!

I thanked everyone on the plane and said, “This is so cool.  With all of the negative stories we here on TV and media these days, take a look around.  We are all made up of different ethnicities that bonded over a delayed flight and ended up being someone of a family back here.  You all even helped me find my glasses!!”  We all agreed how great a time it was, those 75 minutes on Alaska Airlines flight 2790 from Santa Ana that was delayed twice because of the fog!! Jason, our flight attendant also went above and beyond to find my glasses crawling no the floor to help me!!  THANK YOU!!!

OH and thank you to the Harris and Shaw family! You guys were awesome!

Here are some fun photos!!  Check back for the videos of the take off.




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