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Ah choo!

The warm weather last week has everything blooming, and although it’s turned cold again..I’m still sneezing.  If you’re suffereing with itchy eyes, sneezy mornings and congestion… the pollen in the air might be affecting you too.  SF pollen counts are moderate this week.  They are sure to rise in the …

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Living With Animals: Stinky Breath

I have a friend who jokes that his dog’s breath can kill spiders climbing walls across the room, and having spent time with them both I’m not sure it’s an exaggeration. Stinky breath can of course mean something stinky was eaten (dogs who like to “clean” litterboxes is a topic …

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Pet of the Week: Phoebe

Mellow love bug?  Check.  Lap dog?  Check.  Excellent leash manners?  Check. Pint sized Phoebe is pretty much the perfect dog.  She’s an eight year old spayed female Chihuahua mix who is seeking a quiet home where she can just put her paws up and relax.  Phoebe is mild mannered and …

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