Tom Holland And His Dog, Tessa!

Take a look at this adorable video below of Tom Holland & his dog, Tessa, and their cutest moments! This is absolutely precious!

Boxers Are The Best Dogs!

Take a look at the video below of these hilarious photos that prove Boxers are the weirdest, yet most adorable dogs ever! #TooFunny

Muttville: Professor Plum

Professor Plum is very pleased to make your acquaintance! Meet Professor Plum – he holds a doctorate in the field of Man’s Best Friend with specialties in Sunny Spots and Cuddling. He would love to join your home and...

Muttville: Ritz

Ritz is a ray of sunshine! Ritz is a total social butterfly and wants to be in on the action. This lively pup loves walks and will accompany you down the street with a bounce in his step and a wagging tail, making new...

Homeless Kitten Rescued From Highway 101 Yesterday

Thanks to a quick reacting Good Samaritan, a black and white homeless kitten was rescued yesterday after attempting to cross southbound Highway 101 near the Ralston Avenue exit during the rush hour morning traffic...

Pet Of The Week: Shelby

Shelby has tons of love to give! She enjoys the great outdoors and would love an adventure and exercise buddy. Playing with other dogs is one of Shelby’s favorite pastimes, and she’s eager to be out and about. Shelby is...

“Play With Me!”

Take a look at the video below of the puppy who desperately wants to play with the cat, but the cat want’s nothing to do with him! Poor guy!

Toddler Plays Fetch With Dog!

Take a look at this adorable video below of this toddler playing fetch with a dog despite the backyard fence separating the two! #TooCute

Beagle Goes To McDonald’s!

Take a look at the video below and see how much this Beagle loves going through the drive-through at McDonald’s!


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