The SHOCKING Thing Kids Want From Their Parents

It’s crazy and goes against everything I thought I knew about kids. But the shocking thing that kids really want from their parents is…to spend time with them. Crazy, right? But it’s true! According to...

Is Lilly Being Hugged Enough?

This is something I’ve been wondering lately. Is Baby Lilly being hugged enough or am I hugging her TOO much? It turns out that I might not be smothering her, in fact, I should hug her even more. A new study found...

Trying to Lose Weight? Don’t do THIS!

The cause of weight gain? Being in a romantic relationship! According to a new survey, 79% of respondents say they have gained weight since they started dating their significant other. The survey also revealed that the...

Want a Healthier Kid? Take This Away From Them

Preschool children are normally around four or five years old and those are the handful years! They’re so full of energy and as parents, it can be hard keeping up with them. So it’s tempting to buy them a...

Baby Lilly Celebrates National Underwear Day!

Okay, yes. I took this national holiday as an excuse to take more pictures of my daughter. SUE ME! Anyways, here she is. And in honor of National Underpants Day, here is a fun fact a survey found 7% of Americans never...

60% of Parents Are Losing Sleep Because of This

A new survey found that 60% of parents are so stressed about the back-to-school season that they’re losing sleep. Of the 2,000 parents of kids ages 5-18, 57% said it is the most stressful time of the year for them...

The Essential Bay Area Parenting Website

The Bay Area Mom’s blog has become my favorite blog and it probably will too for you. If you’ve got a child, this is the place to find out about all the great kid events in your area. From child-friendly...

Why Does Lilly Do This?

Lilly has entered an…interesting phase. I call it the “raspberry” phase. She keeps blowing air through her lips while her tongue out. Why do babies do this? Apparently it’s very important to her...

How to Talk to Your Kids About a Tragedy

The Gilroy Garlic Festival has hit me hard. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so close to home or it’s because I’m a parent now. It has me thinking about how I’m going to talk to...

Find Out if Equifax Owes You $125

Millions of Californians may be eligible to receive a settlement after a massive data breach involving Equifax. The company is set to pay $700 million after they exposed the personal information of millions of people...


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