Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Event Has Started

Do you have your child’s old car seat taking up room in your garage? Target is now hosting their car seat trade-in event until May 4th. That means you can bring in your old car seat to any participating Target...

Disney Now Sells Taco Cones

Disney is selling TACOS IN A CONE! Disney Springs is selling Taco Cones at the 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck. It comes in a hard taco cone shell and you can fill it up with brisket barbacoa, chicken tinga, pork...

We Did A Photoshoot For Lilly’s First Easter

We have officially become THOSE parents. Yesterday we put Lilly in her Easter dress and had a full blown photoshoot in our living room. We got props, lighting, a rattle to get her attention and a stepstool for those...

Beach Blanket Babylon to Close After 45 Years

After 45 years in San Francisco, Beach Blanket Babylon will close its doors. Yesterday, Jo Schuman Silver, the producer of the show, announced that their final performances will be on December 31, 2019. She said that...

Marshmallows Stuffed With Chocolate Are Coming

Marshmallows stuffed with chocolate? SIGN. ME. UP. Stuffed Puffs just announced they are releasing marshmallows stuffed with chocolate on April 28th Imagine how good these would be in smores! They will be available at...

Kit Kat Launching A Mint And Dark Chocolate Candy Bar

Kit Kat is dabbling in the different flavor candy pool. There is a rumor that Kit Kat will be introducing a Mint and Dark Chocolate flavor in the winter. A packaging photo was posted by foodie @Markie_devo on Instagram...

How to Buy an Italian Villa For $1

There are two Italian towns that are hoping to revive their communities by appealing to new residents with homes priced at a little over a dollars. Zungoli is one of the tiny rural villages. It is in the Campania region...

How To Check Hotel Rooms For Hidden Cameras

You see it on the news all the time. People have found hidden cameras in their hotel rooms. With summer coming up, a lot of us are taking trips and will be staying in hotels or Airbnbs. So how do you know if there is...

Target Is Selling Blow-Up Pools For Adults!

In the Bay Area, it’s hard enough to find a place to live, let alone one with a pool. But now you can have the best of both worlds! Target is selling an adult inflatable pool, and the best part is it’s only...

McDonald’s Now Has A Cadbury McFlurry

I need this in the U.S. NOW! Australian McDonalds just welcomed a new Easter McFlurry. IT’S A CABURY EGG ONE! It comes with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, a swirl of Caramello sauce and the classic Mcdonald’s...


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