Dad Supports His Son By Taking Ballet Classes

There is a 9 year old boy in Australia that LOVES ballet and has been taking lessons for years. One day he asked his 40 year old dad if he would take some classes with him, and dad said yes! Although dad claims to have...

Cups Over 16oz May Be Banned In California!

Remember when you could go to your favorite fast food restaurant and SUPER SIZE your meal. They would hand you a giant box of fries and a HUGE soda that you had to hold with 2 hands. Those we the days right? It’s...

The NEW Twilight Zone Looks Spooky!

The director and writer of the hit horror movie Get Out is taking his shot at a classic TV series. Jordan Peele is bringing back The Twilight Zone and it looks CREEPY! The first trailer for the show came out recently...

Amazing New Trailer For Rocketman!

The movie about Elton John’s life is getting closer and closer and it looks SO GOOD! First, Taron Egerton the actor who plays Elton is awesome! He was in Kingsman and Robin Hood and I think he is going to rock...

Win A Comic Book Store!

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Illinois and owning your very own comic book store? Me too! Minus the Illinois part.  A comic book store owner is giving away his store to the right person. He owns a few comic stores...

Are You Falling Correctly?

Do you find yourself falling on the ground a lot? Maybe you trip over the same step every day or you love to go ice skating but you just aren’t very good at it. Chances are you have been falling wrong your entire...

Would You Wear These In & Out Shoes?

I have been obsessed with fast food ever since I was a teenager because I love food, but I’m not really sure why society has been SO obsessed with it lately. The latest thing to come from this are these shoes that...

2 Nickelodeon Favorites Are Returning To TV

Growing up I was glued to Nickelodeon! I watched it when I woke up, got home from school and even when I was up late late at night. 2 of my favorite shows from that era are making their return to TV. The original kids...

Frozen 2 Trailer Looks AWESOME!

Just a couple years ago you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “Let it GOOOOOOOO! LET IT GOOOOOO!!” I knew the song by heart before ever actually watching the movie. Is the world really ready for a...

Are These The Best Love Quotes In Movies?

Is there a line in a movie that always melts your heart when you hear it? Chances are you have swooned over something some one said while confessing their undying love in a movie. How could anyone possibly rank which...


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California’s Great America Taste of Orleans

July 13 - July 28
Santa Clara CA
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Hayward Animal Shelter: Paint Your Pet Fundraiser Night

July 19 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Hayward CA
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Sat 20

USS Hornet Splashdown 50 Celebration

July 20 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Alameda CA
United States
Sat 20

Join Freska at Grocery Outlet in San Francisco

July 20 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
San Francisco CA
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Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo & Melissa Etheridge

July 23 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Saratoga CA
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