Teacher Makes Girl Smash Her Phone In Class

This would definitely have made me rethink bringing in my cell phone to class if my teacher made my friend do this. At this school in China there is a very strict “No Cell Phone” policy and that policy got...

Man Power-Sands His Foot On Public Train

This either falls under “you gotta do, what you gotta do” or “I might need to switch seats.” and I’m not really sure which one it should be. There is a video of a man power sanding the...

WATCH: Car Horns Play Christmas Song!

What do these guys decide to do when they discover that their horns all sound different? They get into the Christmas spirit of course! In this video they use the sound their cars make when setting their alarms to play...

Movies Coming Out This Month!

It’s a brand new month which means all new movies are coming out! Here are a few movies that we are excited to see this month. Don’t forget you can win tickets to see any movie you want at a Cinemark Century...

Your Baby Could Be The Next Gerber Baby!

Obviously, your baby is the cutest baby ever! But is it cute enough to be the Gerber baby? Yup its that time again! Gerber is looking for it’s next baby brand ambassador. Last years winner was baby Lucas who was...

The “TRIX” You Know & Love Is Back!

You’re probably thinking “But Nick, that’s a picture of Fruit Loops. Trix doesn’t look like that” and my response to that is, Trix doesn’t look like Trix! (Also, that’s the only...

Contestant Proposes During Jeopardy!

If you didn’t happen to catch Jeopardy last night then you missed a historical night. You know how Alex walks over and talks to the contestants after the first round so that we can all get to know them? Well last...

Lyft Wants To Give You $500 To NOT Drive Your Car

How bad do you really need your car? Lyft wants you to try giving it up for a month and try other forms of transportation. They are doing a promotion right now that will give 50 people in San Francisco $500 is credit to...

Love Pizza But Hate People? You’re Gonna Love This.

Do you love eating pizza but hate that you have to deal with people in order to get it? Someone has to come to your house and deliver it, or you have to go into the pizza shop and order from someone. Why can’t we...


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