Oreo Recreates Game Of Thrones Intro!

The opening sequence to Game of Thrones is an epic all on it’s own. But when you throw Oreo’s into the mix it becomes MOST EPIC! If you are as excited for the return of Game of Thrones as I and the rest of...

Steph Curry Staring In A New Show About Mini-Golf!

You catch Stephen Curry on the basketball court most days but what does he do with his free time? Apparently he produces and hosts TV shows about miniature golf. At least that’s what he’s doing this year...

Why Are People CHUGGING Pickle Juice?

It happens to all of us, we reach down into that cold jar full of pickle juice and grab that last pickle floating in there. After you finish that delicious pickle the only thing left to do is chug the juice right? GROSS...

Easter Egg Hunting At The Winchester Mystery House!

There isn’t a house built like a maze anywhere in the world like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Sarah Winchester made sure to make the layout of the house SUPER confusing and if you don’t know...

Adorable Girl & Dad Hula-Hooping Will Make Your Day!

Be prepared to say “Awwwwwwwww!” before you click play and watch this video. In it, a dad helps his tiny daughter feel like she is NAILING her hula-hooping. She jumps around and shakes her hips while dad...

Game Of Thrones Post-Finale Documentary!

It’s something that we don’t want to say out loud because it’s too painful. Game of Thrones is coming to an end this year. Winter will have come and we will have an answer to the question “Who...

The Safest Food To Buy At An Airport Is…

When you find yourself in the airport for a few hours and your stomach starts to rumble because you skipped breakfast, what should you eat? According to a group of foodies the best and safest thing to buy is Chicken...

MUST WATCH: Dad Saves 2 Kids From Oncoming Sledder

You’ve probably heard or Arnold Schwarzenegger or perhaps Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson but have you ever heard of this guy? I actually don’t know this guys name but he deserves to be on the same...

NEW! Steve Perry Music Video

Steve Perry is back and looking good! You can see for yourself in his new music video for the song “We’re Still Here.” Good to have you back Mr. Perry! Watch the video below.

A DNA Test For Your Cat Is Here!

By now most people have taken some sort of DNA test to analyze where your ancestors came from. I know Kristen and I have taken it. But have you ever wondered where your CATS ancestors came from? Now you can get the...


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