Lions Just Wants Some Love!

This is terrifying! But at the same time I’m jealous I don’t get to pet the giant kitty. This lion is completely tame and really wanted to get some pets from these tourists in Crimea at “Safari...

Kids Prank McDonald’s With Fake Picture

When you go into a McDonald’s they usually have advertising photos on their walls. Some times they are of people enjoying McDonald’s and smiling. 2 guys in Houston were inside a McDonald’s near their...

Will Banning Cell Phones Stop Bullying?

France thinks it will. The entire country has banned cell phones, tablets and smart watches from primary and junior schools. The goal is to stop bullying and falling grades in schools due to all the distractions that...

You Are Most Likely To Get A Ticket This Weekend!

No it’s not because of a holiday weekend. In fact, you are most likely to get a ticket this weekend because it’s the end of the month. As fas as I know, cops have always denied that they have quotas to fill...

Your IKEA Furniture Could Be Worth $1000’s

Would you have ever guessed that something you built with your bare hands could be worth 1000’s of dollars? That might actually be the case according to the British Auction house Barneby’s. They recently...

3 Million People Are Netflixing The Hard Way

Netflix seems like a pretty easy concept right? You subscribe to them and then type in your login and password and then just scroll through and see what you want to watch. It didn’t always work like that. The way...

It’s A Girl!

Kristen & I are pregnant (mostly Kristen) and we just announced the gender of the baby on Friday with a Facebook live video. You can probably already guess from the title of this post and the picture that it’s...

Company Now Offering FUR-ternity Leave To Employees

When you have a baby at work you usually get maternity leave from you job so that you can spend those crucial first weeks with your newborn. Now that same mind set applies to brand new puppies or kittens that you add to...


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