Hayward Animal Shelter: Brandon

Brandon is a 5-month-old German shepherd/Queensland Heeler mix. He’s a big pup at 50 lbs and he’ll continue to grow into adulthood. This funny boy loves to play fetch and is ready to experience all the fun, happy...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Cabbage

Cabbage, 3 years old, is a gorgeous young lady with an apple shaped face and big green eyes. This sweet girl loves to sing when you scratch her sweet spot, and can’t wait to do a duet with you in cat-eoke. Meet...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Neah

Neah, a one and a half year old brown tabby with freckles, may first come off as a wallflower. Once she gets to know you she’s quite the lovebug. This gorgeous girl would make the purrfect addition to your family...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Luigi

Luigi is an extremely handsome, 4 year old orange tabby who’s easygoing, friendly and leans in for pets, ear rubs, and chin scratches. While not fond of loud noises (who is?), he’s OK with being picked...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Kitties

Kitties, at 18 years young, was reportedly found abandoned at a local park. She definitely acts younger than her age and will greet you when you stop by her “suite”. She has luxurious, medium-length black...

Things The DMV Doesn’t Tell You

It’s something we all have to do at one point or another. Spend the day at the Department of Motor Vehicles. It was something that I had been preparing for over the past 4 months and yesterday was finally the day...

The Best Singing Pitbull is From Pleasanton!!

I really love dogs!!  I am particularly in love with a few breeds pitbulls being one of them!  I created a profile for my pitbull Jada on Instagram (@jadablue_thepitbull).  One day I came across another pitbull’s page...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Stormy

Stormy. a sweet and curious 11 month old kitty, was found in storm drain and rescued. She loves to follow you about and jump into your lap. She’d like to be part of a family who’ll play a game of cat and...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Willis

Willis loves people, and likes cats and dogs. He’s a laid back 10 yrs young pup who enjoys a good cuddle or a stroll with his person. He’s adorable with a white heart pattern around his face. His long hair...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Velma

Velma is a very sweet, but timid, year old orange and white piggy. It takes a few minutes and a few chirps from anyone visiting her apartment before she walks up to say hi. Once in your arms, she chirps away and sings...


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Hot Pawgust Nights

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