Disneys’ Star Wars Land Gets Name & Opening Day!

If you are a Star Wars or Disney fan, this has been the thing you have been waiting for over the last 2 years. First, what are they going to call Star Wars Land and second, when can I go? Both of those questions have been answered.

Star Wars Land as we have been calling it since they announced it will officially be called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In it you can taste blue milk at a cantina and even maneuver the Millennium Falcon! It is set on the outcast planet of Banuu and is a space port where you can see both heroes and villains. It’s even a hide out for the Rebels trying to escape from the First Order.

When can you go? At Disneyland in SoCal you can go in the Summer of 2019 but if you want to go to the one in Disney World then you have to wait until late Fall of 2019. Which should give you time to save for both.


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