Your Ears Are Playing Tricks On You!

This is really interesting! I spend a lot of time watching videos that teach me something because I didn’t pay attention in school. This video shows you how your brain can get confused some times with what you see and what you hear.

Your brain is like that perfectionist friend you have that always has to have everything make sense and have a purpose.

“Why are you walking in a circle?” they say,

“Because I’m bored and I don’t want to sit down.” like I need a reason to pace around a room with no purpose.

“Why don’t you just stand there?”

“Because Kristen, if I stay still too long the lava will get me!”

“How are we still married?”

You know…for example.

Anyway, some times it seems like your ears are playing tricks on you and that’s because they actually are. They fill in gaps, make you hear voices and make you think you can hear sound coming from a video that has no sound. Weird right!

Prepare to have your ears tricked.


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