I got to rev this race car up!!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with LUCKY SAVEMART  and Sonoma Raceway in El Cerrito.  We all worked together to promote the Toyota Savemart 350 happening at Sonoma Raceway on June 22-24.  They had this awesome race car on display which I was able to get into and rev up and let me tell you, it was EXHILARATING!  I climbed in through the window and was surprised that race cars don’t have speedometers. lol!! Mike from Sonoma Raceway told me all you need to know is how high you’re revving up the car so you don’t blow up the engine so they use a tachometer!  It was tight and the racing seat felt really comfortable as it really hugs you in position.  It didn’t’ have a backseat.  It had roll bars all around.  It doesn’t have a key to start it.  I had to flip a switch, and then turn on a fan with another switch and flip yet another switch and then the engine roared to life!  Mike and Scott were telling me to to rev it up higher and so I did to decibels that may have hurt some people’s ears but it was so fun!  I could definitely feel the power under my feet.  Thank you to Sonoma Raceway for the fun and to Savemart for having this awesome event so people could come out and check out the car and learn about racing.


The Toyota Savemart 350 is  June 22-24 and fun for the whole family. 


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