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Find Out What Actors Take From The Set!

It’s not uncommon for actors to take a little something from movie and TV sets . . . either as a memento, or for some other purpose.  Buzzfeed put together a list of 29 Items That Actors Actually took from TV or Movie Sets.

  1. Chris Hemsworth: has several of Thor’s hammers from the Marvel movies.  He even keeps one in his bathroom.
  2. Kristen Stewart: took two rings from the “Twilight” movies:  Bella’s engagement ring, and a mood ring Bella’s mom gave her.
  3. Chris Pratt: took Star-Lord’s red jacket from “Guardians of the Galaxy” . . . but he did it so he could wear it when he visits children’s hospitals.
  4. Daniel Radcliffe: has his glasses from the first “Harry Potter” movie and the last.
  5. Sophia Bush: took the check that Millie wrote to Brooke when Clothes Over Bros first opened on “One Tree Hill”.
  6. Neil Patrick Harris: took Barney’s playbook from the set of “How I Met Your Mother”.  He also snagged the booth that the gang used to sit in at McLaren’s Pub.
  7. Aaron Paul: took Gus Fring’s blown-off head from the set of “Breaking Bad”.  He keeps it in his living room.
  8. Jenna Fischer: from “The Office” took the hair clip Pam wore almost every day.
  9. Ryan Reynolds: took a “Deadpool” suit.  And Andrew Garfield swiped his costume from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.
  10. Ralph Macchio: took Daniel’s headband and trophy from “The Karate Kid” . . . and later got the infamous “wax on, wax off” car.

for the full list.


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