Freska’s Favorites: Osha Thai Restaurant

Thai food is one of my favorites kinds of food.  I always gauge a good thai food restaurant on their pad thai noodles.  It may not be the best way but because it’s my favorite I have to make sure they make it well.  Osha’s location on the corner of 3rd Street and Folsom in San Francisco has a cute little bar behind the reception area where the host or hostess greets you then walks you to your table.   Kathy and I were lucky to get a window seating.  The view is nothing super spectacular but it is nice!  I would say Osha is on the pricier end but the food is excellent.  There is no special lunch menu so you will be purchasing dinner entres.  I didn’t have a problem with that because the pad thai is SOOO GOOD and the service is excellent which is why I have made it one of Freska’s Favorites.  They have a few locations:

Tenderloin District
696 Geary Street
Tel :415.673.2368
Please call to reserve

Mission District 
819 Valencia Street
Tel : 415.826.7738
Please call to reserve

4 Embarcadero Center (Street Level)
Tel : 415.788.6742

Glen Park
2922 Diamond Street
Tel : 415.586.6742
Please call to reserve

3rd Street
311 Third Street
Tel : 415-896-6742

2nd Street – Temporarily Closed for Renovations
149 2nd Street



Have you ever eaten at OSHA Thai? Super good.

Posted by 96.5 KOIT San Francisco on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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