How I met Walt Disney’s Grand Daughter!

Thursday September 21st 2017 will be a day I’ll always remember. I was invited by my dear friends Heidi and Gary Kuhn (whom I’ve known since High School) to an event at The Walt Disney Family Museum  to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their founding  Turning land mines in foreign countries into grape vines and other sustainable crops. Diane Disney Miller, Walt’s oldest daughter, was a big backer of Roots of Peace in the very beginning. I had met Mrs Miller  and her son Walt, when the museum first opened. That was a thrill! Mrs Miller passed away not too long ago and her daughter, Joanna, has stepped in to help the cause! The Disney family winery (Sterling Vineyards in Napa) has helped with Roots of Pease along the way. So it was to my surprise and amazement to meet Joanna at this function! Can you imagine? THE Walt Disney was just “Grandpa” to her! WOW. She is sweet and kind and carries the Disney name very proudly in her philanthropy.  If you have not done so, please visit the Museum and re-live your childhood! The Bay Area is so lucky to have this gem in the heart of the Presideo.

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