Your IKEA Furniture Could Be Worth $1000’s

Would you have ever guessed that something you built with your bare hands could be worth 1000’s of dollars? That might actually be the case according to the British Auction house Barneby’s. They recently said that the side table design that IKEA is re-making based on a design from the 50’s could be worth $6000 in 20 years.

Apparently people have been collecting IKEA furniture for years and have sold some items for over $50,000. So if you have a chair or table from IKEA that you or your family bought in the 50’s you may want to have it appraised.

This of course isn’t the case for every piece of furniture. Just like most collections the ones worth anything are the rare ones. So I wouldn’t go shopping for a new desk or lamp in hopes that one day it’ll be worth more that you paid. But if you want to buy the table that Barneby’s is specifically talking about it’s called and you can get it on IKEA’s website.


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