Giant Inflatable Santa Blows Onto Roadway!

We never remember how powerful the wind is until something blows away. I’ve seen tents at barbecues fly into the air never to be seen again and umbrellas flip inside out. But I’ve never seen a giant...

Get Disney Tickets For Less Than $50 A Day!

Heading over to Disneyland can get a little expensive, but right now it’s a little bit more magical! You can get tickets to either park for only $70 a day when you buy a 3-day, 1-park ticket. Want an even better...

FREE Starbucks For LIFE!

Honestly, I would love a lifetime supply of pretty much anything that I use. I’d take a life time supply of Q-tips if it was up for grabs. It’s just one less thing to pay for and to worry about ya know...

6 Doctors Swallow Legos…For Science

Parents you might worry about stepping on a lego, but do you worry about your kids swallowing them? A group of doctors wanted to take that worry away from you and decided to conduct the weirdest science experiment of...

Is This The Best Christmas Light Display?

Louie Cortez from Topeka, Kansas must be a big Taylor Swift fan, because he programmed his Christmas Lights to Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It.” Cortez said “When I was little, I would see these...

How Do I “Dad” A Baby Girl?

My name is Nick, I’m 34 years old, the youngest of 5 siblings and no experience what-so-ever dealing with children. Coming up on December 7th I’m going to be in charge of raising one of these...

The Lion King Trailer is Here!

Back in 1994, a cartoon version of The Lion King was released. It easily became a Disney favorite!
Fast forward to 2019 and we will have a live action Lion King with a star studded cast!
Watch the teaser trailer below.

Disney Released Millennium Falcon Strollers!

If you have a child who loves Star Wars, DON’T take them to Walt Disney World because you might have to push your children around the park in their very own Millennium Falcon Cockpit! The stroller is complete with...


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