Nike Makes New Sneakers Based On Breakfast Cereal

If your dream was to one day own a pair of shoes that look like Lucky Charms, you’re in luck. In fact you can get shoes based on 2 of your favorite childhood cereals, and Kix. Nike has teamed up with Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving who apparently LOVES cereal. Who doesn’t?! The shoes go for $120 a pair and you can only get them at certain locations like through the SNKR app or at a pop up shop in your city.

Here are the different shoe/cereal mashups

  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – It has the cinnamon swirls on the side and the shoe is brown.
  2. Lucky Charms – Bright pink shoes with the outline of all the marshmallow shapes on the sides as well as some blue scattered throughout.
  3. Kix – All yellow shoes with some blue. Nothing to special.

Here is the original article with pictures of the shoes!

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