Stand-Up Desks Are Worse Than Sitting

When the study came out that you were going to develop heart disease because you sat at your desk too long people freaked out. In response to their freak out, they went and bought a bunch of cool new desks that can go up and down so that people could stand more. Lots of companies just started giving everyone work spaces that were made for standing. Now a NEW study has come out that says you are STANDING TOO MUCH. In fact, standing at your desk is even MORE dangerous than sitting was. 

The Institute of Work & Health in Toronto Canada did a study of over 7,000 people over the course of 12 years. What they found was that people who stand are twice as likely to develop heart disease over people who sit. TWICE! The reason they found is because your body has to work much harder to pump all that blood around your body. So what are we supposed to do, sit or stand? Should we lay down? What about if we install hammocks in every office and we can just hang there while we type on our laptops? 

Researchers say the best thing to do is mix it up. Don’t stand ALL the time and don’t sit all the time. Do a little bit of both. Like everything in life, do both in moderation. 

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