Over the Christmas break I made my way down to Disneyland with my family.  I checked out, for the first time, the Star Wars Launch Bay!  I didn’t realize how much I loved Storm Troopers.  I know they are part of the “DARK SIDE” but their gear I have always found to be quite fascinating!  The exhibit showed various Star Wars helmets even those of Boba Fett which was another character who’s gear I loved too especially his helmet.  It was cool to check out the models of the fighters, bombers, Death Star, Millennium Falcon and other cool stuff!!

If it doesn’t sound like I know much about Star Wars, it’s because I don’t!  I was so anti new generation Star Wars because I wished so much for the original trilogy to be left alone.  I managed to NOT watch another movie from the franchise until 2015…38 years after Star Wars: The New Hope that came out in 1977!  I’m glad I chose to start watching them because now I can talk to my kids about it because they love it a lot!!  We are going to set up a whole weekend when we will binge watch ALL OF THEM!! lol!!


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