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Try On Clothes At Home? Thank You Amazon

Are you like me and when you go shopping for clothes you have to try EVERY thing on because nothing fits like it’s supposed to? I also do a lot of online shopping for everything EXCEPT clothes because of this exact problem. Sure it looks good on the guy in …

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Atari Has A New Console Coming Soon

Do you remember the Atari game console from the 80’s? After all these years that you have been patiently waiting they have just announced they are releasing a brand new console. They released a teaser video that said Ataribox and the CEO said that they are back in the console …

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New Spider-Man Looks AMAZING!

Pretty much the only games I play religiously are superhero games. From the Batmans to the Deadpool, X-Men and even the Green Lantern game which isn’t nearly as bad as the movie was. This game looks like it’s going to surpass even the Batman games, which in my opinion are …

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