The Winner of the Bachelorette Is…

**Bachelorette spoilers ahead!**

If you’ve been keeping up with the Bachelorette, you know that Becca Kufrin is now engaged.

The final episode was down to two huge front runners from the start, Blake and Garrett.

Honestly, I think Jason (3rd runner up) was the perfect man and was cheated out of all this but that’s a different story.

Anyway, Becca is engaged now and the ring is gorgeous. You can see that . That ring is #goals.

**Okay for real this time BACHELORETTE SPOILERS AHEAD**

Becca made a decision last night. Was it the decision America wanted? Probably. Probably not. Regardless, it was the decision Becca wanted.

In full Bachelorette fashion, Becca is now engaged to the person she gave the first impression rose to: Garrett.

Poor Blake had his heart crushed. Garrett was constantly brought up during Blake’s visit with Becca’s family. Blake had a rough time throughout the season with constant battles in his head. There was even a point where Blake mentions in an interview “she’s gonna pick Garrett.” He knew. The signs were there yet he still proposed to her and she denied!!!

Blake was in tears. He cried so hared he had to wipe his face with a towel. Hopefully, ABC does him right and makes him the next Bachelor…or Jason because Jason deserves the best!


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