Today’s World

TODAY’S WORLD is a fifteen minute program that discusses health, economy, parenting, education, environment issues in the San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland/Bay Area. Hosted by Sue Hall, the show can be heard every Sunday morning on five Bay Area radio stations.

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This Little Scammer Ordered $350 Of Toys!

Caitlin at the age of 6 is already a scammer! Her mom recently ordered her a Barbie on Amazon, and later Caitlin wanted to see when her new toy would arrive! The mistake the mom made was leaving her daughter alone! The next day, the Amazon deliverer arrived at their …

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Green Bean Salad With Peaches!

In the mood for a new type of salad?! Try this delicious green bean salad with peaches and balsamic bitters vinaigrette! It’s sure to make your taste buds dance! Ingredients 4 cups of thinly slices purple cabbage Sea salt 2 cups of purple and/or green snap beans-stem end snapped off …

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Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta!

The making of a good bowl of pasta is mostly instinct; the measurements don’t need to be exact. Try this delicious roasted tomato and garlic pasta! Don’t let anyone be the boss of your pasta bowl, add olive oil, or even a squeeze of lemon as your taste dictates! Ingredients …

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