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TODAY’S WORLD is a fifteen minute program that discusses health, economy, parenting, education, environment issues in the San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland/Bay Area. Hosted by Sue Hall, the show can be heard every Sunday morning on five Bay Area radio stations.

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Living With Animals: Drain the Swamp?

Terrifying, horrifying, paralyzing, frustrating, even entertaining: no matter which side of the political street you call home, this is a unique moment in our nation. However, while my beat is the animals rather than politics (and I do thank the heavens for that!), there’s an expression we keep hearing in …

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The Best Letter Home!

This Autistic boy fails his school exams and his teacher sends him home with a powerful letter. Raising children is never easy, it has its struggles, but raising a child with a disability has even more concerns and difficulties. This 11-year-old boy, Ben Twist, lives with autism, and his mom, …

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Pets Of The Week: Kittens

Little kittens, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love your soft purrs and even softer fur.  We love your playful antics that keep us smiling and laughing all day long.  We love your cuddliness and curious natures.  We love you scruff muffins to the moon …

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