Wine Country is Open for Business!

Wine Country is still standing after the wildfires and is open for business. So tell friends and family to take a trip on the weekends! The damages and devastation to the North Bay, has given the impression that damage to wineries and vineyards was widespread: it was not.

  • Out of 500 wineries in the Napa Valley, only 7 were severely damaged or lost.
  • Damage to vineyards was very minimal.
  • The many graphic images have caused many to cancel plans on visiting Wine Country.
    • Tours are cancelling
    • Wineries and restaurants are seeing a fraction of the number of visitors that they usually have during this season.
    • Roads are empty
    • Many of the victims of the disaster are experiencing a double disaster for lack of work and or layoffs due to lack of business.
  • Wine Country needs visitors more than ever to support the rebuilding of their community and by putting everyone back to work by visiting their winderies, drinking their wines, staying at their hotels, and eating in their restaurants.
  • Wine Country is based all on tourism.
    • 3.5 million visitors annually to the Napa Valley.
    • Visitors are spending $1.9 billion annually.
    • Jobs supported: 13,437
    • Tourism industry generated over $47 billion in transient occupancy tax.

How Can You Help?!

  • Visit, Visit, Visit!
  • Tourism is the lifeblood of this community.

Do you love wine, and do you love having small vacations away?! Then visit Wine Country! You need a glass of wine and they need visitors!

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