If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Over the weekend, I went to Opera at the Ballpark and watched Romeo and Juliet. And I ate a huge brownie sundae. To say this was an amazing experience is an understatement. I got to see San Francisco Opera’s most...

Kristen’s baby book club

When the thumb goes into the mouth, that means it’s time for mommy to put the baby on her knee and pull out a book. It’s time for another episode of Kristen’s baby book club! I love to read to Lilly...

Have You Ever Accidentally Collected Something?

I’ve made it pretty well known that I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Surprisingly It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I actually started to get into the fandom, and then it snowballed! After watching all...

Why I don’t wear my wedding ring

Nick and I have been together for ten years, but today is our four year wedding anniversary. I felt like reminiscing, so I went through all our old wedding photos. I realized that some of the pictures I had I’ve...

Are any moms “killing it”?

I belong to a couple of Bay Area mom groups on Facebook and last night a post stuck out to me. It was from a frustrated mom who said she was crying in her car because her house was messy, her kids were being difficult...

Adorable Photobomb In Golden Gate Park!

There a lot of unexpected things that can happen on your wedding day. The DJ’s computer can crash, your maid of honor can have a few too many and disappear etc. Not every surprise is a bad one though! This newly...

Watch Lilly grow before your eyes

Oh man, I sobbed like a little baby when I saw this. On our Nick and Kristen in the Morning Instagram page, we have a set story called “Lilly On Demand”. We’ve been dumping pictures and videos of her...

Lilly’s big day out

Lilly is now 10-months old, and I’m planning on throwing her a small party on her first birthday. I’ve been getting excited planning the food, decoations, making her a little smash cake, and having people...

Star Wars’ Biggest Mystery Solved In New Documentary

Of all the mysteries surrounding Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, this one may be the most important. I imagine when people left the theater in 1977 they asked themselves a few important questions. “Who is Darth...


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Earth, Wind & Fire

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Earth, Wind & Fire

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The Eagles

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Las Vegas NV
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The 30th Annual Taste of Morgan Hill

September 28 - September 29
Morgan Hill CA
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