Hayward Animal Shelter: Sadie

Sadie is a gorgeous, 3 years young Tabby girl with luxurious long fur sporting bold brown and black stripes. She’s very curious, loves to explore new areas and she likes people and treats (especially people who...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Banana

Banana is a 12 years young gal who’s full of personality, love and life. This little Chi mix is as sweet as a banana with her big brown eyes, fluffy tan fur and ear-to ear smile. She does well with other dogs and...

Hayward Animal Shelter: George

George is a pint sized, 10 yrs young silver and tan Yorkie mix with a huge personality. He’s playful and loves to chase his toys, and he’s also good at sharing and dropping them. He’s very social and would rather...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Draco

Draco is a goofy, active, playful and loving 1 year old white Siberian Husky who’s looking for a loving, playful, active, goofy family to share their lives with him. He may be a wonderful addition to a family with...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Pluto

Pluto is a loving, happy-go-lucky 7 years young Chihuahua mix with soulful brown eyes and big floppy ears. This handsome boy is good with other dogs and might do well with young children. Meet Pluto at the Hayward...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Allie

Allie is a very playful, energetic adult cat who thinks she’s a kitten. She loves people, getting her chin scratched and would like to be the queen of her castle. She’d do best in a single cat home...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Millie

Millie, a sweet 4 month old Cairn Chi mix, loves people and receiving attention. Timid at first, she rolls over and waits quietly until you tell her it’s OK, then she quickly blossoms. Apparently food was scarce...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Zulily

Zulily, a 4 month old cream colored Cairn Chi mix, plays well with dogs and humans. She’s ready to explore the world with you! Sometimes things startle her, but with someone by her side her confidence continues to...

Live Gilroy Festival Shooting

GILROY FESTIVAL SHOOTING: Police are giving an update on yesterday’s Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting where three guests were killed including a 6-year-old boy. 

Hayward Animal Shelter: Quinn

Quinn is a happy-go-lucky gal who’s making great strides in gaining confidence. She loves being around people and other dogs and is attention motivated so is happy being near you. OK with older kid. More info:...


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