Sleeping baby clenches his parent's fingers; Soft focus and blurry

Do you use family names for your baby? Here are the top names for 2018.

My son’s all have family names. But I’m always interested in what the trends are and why!

Emma tops the list, again. For the fifth year in a row, she is queen of the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular girls  Olivia, Ava, Isabella and Sophia fall below her, respectively holding spots No. 2 through No. 5, for the third year.
Liam rules over the boy’s category for the second year. Noah sits right below him, and then William, James and Oliver. By the way, Archie is not even in the top 20!!

Oh, and for GOT fans , Ayra, named after Ayra Stark, is the most popular. Just more than 50,000 babies had been given the name Arya in 2017. That year alone there were 2,156 newborns named Arya, compared to 2011, when there were just 387.

There has also been a spike in the name Maisie – as in Maise Williams, the actress who plays Ayra Stark. The census shows there were 5,308 people named Maisie in 2017. While in 2011, 138 newborn babies were named Maisie, that number increased to 594 in 2017.


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