The Samantha Corpus 14th Annual Golf Tournament!

Today I have the honor of volunteering for the Samantha Corpus Foundation.  I was invited back with the privilege of welcoming the participants of The 14th Annual Samantha Corpus Golf Tournament at the Black Hawk Country Club in Danville.

Perhaps on any given day golfers come to have fun and do something they enjoy. Today 240 golfers are on 2 sold out courses playing rain or shine with a purpose.  Today they are golfing to raise money to increase public awareness of Rett Syndrome, fund research for treatment and, ultimately, a cure.


20 year old Samantha Corpus was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at the age of 3 ½.  It is a genetic neurological disorder that effects motor and speech skills.  She really is an inspiring soul.  While she cannot speak her spirit speaks louder than words ever could.

As I was addressing the golfers it was an amazing feeling as I Iooked down the long rows of golf carts filled with people ready to get the event underway.  I thanked everyone for coming and reminded them of what they are already knew, the importance of why we were all there.  I then proudly brought on one of the founders of The Samantha Corpus Foundation, John Corpus Samantha’s father.

As he was addressing the golfers he mentioned that some came from all over the country!  He greeted a man that came all the way from Ohio while another came from South Carolina.  John thanked them all whether they lived near or far.  He personally thanked EVERY SINGLE GOLFER as they passed by him in their golf carts.  Each cart slowed down and each golfer extended their arm so John could shake their hand and say thank you.  It is a very personal event for him as he and his wife Kathy have been advocating for Samantha and all of those touched by Rett Syndrome for over 14 years!!

I encourage you to educate yourself and see how you can get involved or donate to this great cause or maybe even be a golf participant next year or volunteer!  The golfers are invited to the evening dinner banquet and silent auction. If golfing isn’t your thing you can always just come for the dinner and silent auction too!

So far the foundation has raised over $3 million dollars and the Blackhawk Country Club has been involved since the golf tournament’s inception.

Thank you to all of the countless volunteers, sponsors, and the staff for working so very hard to make this event happen every year.


Samantha Corpus, thank you for your fighting spirit and for sharing your life with us all!!!


See you next year!!



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